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You may remember him from childhood, as Terence Kimble, the young DJ who would entertain the crowds with his sultry voice during breaks at his high school gigs, showing off his mastery song writing skills; all the while wooing the ladies. Maybe you remember him from the group Under 21, who recorded as Profyle on Motown Records? Yes, No? Well I know you remember this Winnfield, LA native who played the keyboard with the hot and steamy group called H-Town? Naw… ok, cause you a Soul Blues strictly kind of fan huh? LOL  Well, in that case, for sure you have seen his energy on stage tearing the keys up backing Willie Clayton!  Now you saying, “oh yeah, now I remember”! Well did you know that TK Soul wrote the songs “Wiggle In The Middle”  & “Party Like We Used To”, performed and recorded by Willie Clayton? Sure did. Maybe you remember him from his Knock out hit, “It Ain’t Cheating Til You Get Caught” or his album library, “One Woman Man”, “Bad Boy of Southern Soul”, “Love Games”, and what about “Undisputed”. This album peaked at number nine on the Blues album chart and number eight-five on the R&B and Hip Hot Chart. He also brought us “The Evolution of Soul”, “Ghetto Superstar”, “Life After Love”, and “The Legacy”. OK, now you’re up to speed! Good, that way there is no convincing needed to get you to take a minute and check out this single and video by TK Soul, “Street Light”. This song will remind anyone who grew up running for dear life to get home before the street lights came on, of their childhood, their family, especially mama standing on the porch with something to knock you out if you were a second late, and just simply put, the good ole’days.  And if just hearing the two words, “street light’ gets those memory juices pumping wait until you hear TK Soul heart warming song “Street Light”. So if you remember those good old days, this one is surely for you. TK Soul, this song will touch the endearing soul of anyone that hears it. And the video is so befitting of the song with just a man, his guitar, and a “Street Light”.

And to think, if that girl back in high school had not broken the young Terence Kimble’s heart, we may never have been graced with the awesome talent of TK Soul.  Bet that young lady wishes she would have just loved him now, what do you think TK Soul fans? LOL

TK Soul… you rocked this one baby, Un-huh!

So TBPM fans sit back and take a look and listen to the sound of TK Soul in “Street Light”.

For more on TK Soul,…just google him!

Much Love ~ One Love!