Avail Hollywood


Album: Rehab

TBD:      Well welcome to The Back Porch thanks for stopping by. Why don’t you take you a seat in one of these rocking chairs. WE got a whole troth of chitterlings and all the moonshine you want. Just step over lazy dog over there moaning, he laying on a nail. When he gets tired of the pain, he’ll get up. (we laugh) Glad you stopped by.

AH:         I know that’s right. I’m glad to be here. Just been out on this road trying to get it.

TBD:      You tied any yellow ribbons around any trees.

AH:         You know how we do it in the south.

TBD:      Speaking of doing it in the south, tell us about your new project that’s got you hotter than fish in fish grease right now.

AH:         Well, I got a good project out there right now called, “Rehab”. It’s a nine track CD making a little buzz out there.

TBD:      It’s making a big buzz…How long you been out here doing this thing now?

AH:         Well you know I started things out playing drums for Donnie Ray for about four years back in 1999. Then I got a chance to play with Carl Sims. So watching them do their thing I said I wanted to come out to the front and do my thing.

TBD:      So you made a James Brown move on the situation, you got up and did your thang. (we laugh)   The woman crooner, man the ladies love you.  So tell us, is it important to an artist to have fame and fortune?

AH:         With Avail Hollywood it’s a passion for the music man. Being accepted by the people with open arms, I build myself off that more than the famous side.

TBD:      Music like that “Club In The Woods”.

AH:         (he starts to sing)…Out on that country road!

TBD:      Alright don’t get him started. Somebody better get’em.  You got some great music out there man. Is there any one of your songs that you can say is your favorite up to this date?

AH:         For me it would have to be “Drinking Again”.  I been watching the Dallas Cowboys and they got me drinking again.  Sometimes your woman will have you drinking again…(he laughs) (He breaks out in song again)…they got me drinking again…

TBD:      I’m a Cowgirl so I feel you with last weeks game.  Obstacles, they come your way, what do you do about them?

AH:         You know, God’s been good to me. He gave me two legs and some arms so I just step over’em.  A lot of people put you down and you have some stumbling steps but I take it one stride and keep it moving Nik, you know how we do it.  All that don’t kill you can only make you stronger.

TBP:       Preach that! What one man can do, another man can do to.  So when you’re up on stage and doing your thang and all the females are screaming your name and pulling all over you, is that an alter ego we see handle that?

AH:         That’s Avail Hollywood up dealing with all that. Lol Sometimes I have to tell him, “Avail Hollywood you need to get somewhere and sit down boy”. When you get up on the stage and the music gets into your body you just have to gone head and do your thang.

TBP: Man if you weren’t doing music, what would you be out here doing?

AH:         I’d be making tracks. I love putting music arrangements together. I’ve been working with a lot high schools. But I’m glad I get the chance to get out and sing and get to meet so many different people.

TBP:       Do you have a favorite quote or something inspirational to share with our readers?

AH:         You NEVER QUIT! Sometimes things might not go the way you want them to go, but it ain’t in me to quit. It’s like the old gospel song used to go, “came to far from where I started from”, so I can’t turn back now.

TBP:       So at the end of today when you finally get off the road,  and get ready to lay that head down on a pillow, what will you wear to bed?

AH:         (He can’t answer for laughing hysterically) No no no, no you didn’t, let me see. Lots a time I put a pair of boxers on. Then I put the oil on my body. The boxers make it soon after I’m all oiled down…

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