Dance -Produced By Bruce Billups

Ladies and Gentlemen!  The time has arrived!  Lebrado swarms in on the Soul Blues scene this week with his long awaited new CD entitled, “Party Time”.

As you know, Lebrado was introduced to us in 1990 by his brothers, K-Ci and JoJo, known to us all as Jodeci, singing a song called “Suicide” on Jodeci’s “X” album. Many people have asked, “who’s that singing the second verse and all those rolls”, that would be Lebrado.

As many artist found in the late 90’s it was going to be hard to find a platform to perform their artistry on. So Lebrado, like many dreaming of a career in R&B, came over to Southern Soul and not only found his niche, but found himself a new family. That family would nurture him and guide him to a level of Southern Soul brilliance.  His and all their hard work paid off when Lebrado hit the Southern Soul scene with his first album exploding on airwaves and stages with hits like, the title cut, “Try Me”, “I’m Missing You Babe”, “Coffee” and well really, the rest of the CD. Promoters were all over the heatwave sensation called Lebrado.  He remembers the madness saying, “Life was good. I had a good album and the people were loving it and I was getting work. That’s what it’s all about Nik, the fans and eating”…(he chuckles).

Then in 2009 he teamed up with his co conspirator and ace producer, Bruce Billups and together they built a “masterpiece” and the title of the song still reflects what Lebrado brings to the stage, “FIRE”!

Today he’s answered the call of fans and the Southern Soul circuit by releasing his latest rocking CD that makes you wanna get up and do just what the title says, “Dance”.  And if you wondering who produced this smash hit and much of the album and guessed Bruce Billups, you’d be absolutely correct.

In an interview with our very own Nikolicious a few days ago, Lebrado also reminded us that his son, Amiree is now on the entertainment circuit doing his thing, following in a family of musical geniuses footsteps.  So Lebrado fans, be on the look out for Amiree popping up on stage with his dad to give you some of his royal flavor as well.

Enjoy the video and the new song. If you want more on Lebrado he’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course, The Back Porch Mag. You can purchase his music from any of the digital music sources.

Much Love~ One Love!

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