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Artist: LJ Echols                                    Booking: 214-289-8470

Album: Taste Like Candy                      Song:   “I Had To Tell Somebody”

Written & Produced by: LJ Echols        Label:  Neckbone Records

Video Produced by: Huey Rawls           Production Company: So Nervy Films

This is what I really love about this music, the way it makes you feel kindred to it.

Have you ever had someone in your life that you just wanted to tell somebody, any body who would listen, just how much in love you were with your new man, lover, sweetie pie, Queen, King, or the one that has you all booed up!  Well, LJ Echols has the perfect song for you to play when you find yourself in that position.  And you’ll find that he went to many people confessing his love for this woman too. Now LJ, you know all the ladies gonna wanna know what’s this woman’s magic potion to have the one and only Neckbone running around like a chicken with his head cut off confessing his love for her. (LOL)  It’s all good LJ, we understand you 100%!  Because we all know as Carl Marshall said, “Good loving will make you cry sometimes” and when that happens, you surely will find yourself saying LJ Echols words, “I Had To Tell Somebody”.

Are you in love?  Do you wanna tell it! Then do as LJ Echols said, “I Had To Tell Somebody”…humm…wonder if she had to tell somebody too?  LOL

And as usual, you don’t have to worry about looking all over the internet to find this great rocking The Back Porch Mag Fav Five joint, we have it for you.

So enjoy and do like you always do, leave a comment and let the artist know how their song makes you feel.

Now, go run and tell that LJ!  LOL

The Back Porch Magazine – Where The Muzic Rocks Your Soul!

Much Love ~ One Love…


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