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Ladies and Gentlemen!  The time has arrived!  Lebrado swarms in on the Soul Blues scene this week with his long awaited new CD entitled, "Party Time". As you know, Lebrado was introduced to us in 1990 by his brothers, K-Ci and JoJo, known to us all as Jodeci, singing a song called "Suicide" on Jodeci's ...
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Artist: LJ Echols                                    Booking: 214-289-8470 Album: Taste Like Candy                      Song:   "I Had To Tell Somebody" Written & Produced by: LJ Echols        Label:  Neckbone Records Video ...
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"I'm getting Tied. So Tired of waiting around on you baby. Waiting round for you to do right" The opening lyrics to this new soul blues joint. The anthem EVERY person sings when the love ain't hitting it anymore, "I'm Tired"! In this rocking bluesy groove, Crystal sings of her heartache in trying to love ...
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You may remember him from childhood, as Terence Kimble, the young DJ who would entertain the crowds with his sultry voice during breaks at his high school gigs, showing off his mastery song writing skills; all the while wooing the ladies. Maybe you remember him from the group Under 21, who recorded as Profyle on ...
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Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears have always put us at The Back Porch Mag in the mind of James Brown and The Famous Flames. The horn section is off the chain! Now true Blues fans know exactly what we're talking about. Take "Sugarfoot" for instants, the breakdown in the middle and the one at ...
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