Release Date: 2015

Album: The Magic Show                           Single: “The Weekend”

Written By: Magic One and T.K. Soul        Produce by: T.K. Soul

Video Production Company:  The Lab

Video Produced by: Brandon Richardson

Hey y’all!  Magic One!

His single “It’s The Weekend” is rocking out on the back porch.  Yes, the album was released nearly three years ago but the song…it’s right on time.  Uncle Leroy and cousin June Bug trying to learn to two-step to the groove of the track. Now we must say this about the artist and the track, they both are truly a R&B feel, which makes it a great song for Soul Blues. It’s a head bobber a great song to put on at the family reunion, the cookout, half-time entertainment and of course, in the shower when you are getting ready to start the day… Friday morning!

Now a little known fact that you may not have known about this artist.  He was discovered by one of the great names in Southern Soul music, the wonderfully talented hit maker and show stopper, TK Soul.  That’s right.  This once choir-boy from Ruston , LA had the opportunity to work with his native homeboy and together they have come up with some awesome sauce stuff!

And as usual, if you haven’t had an opportunity to check him out…we got’cha covered! Yay! Take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think, in the comment section, about our pick this week of our New Chitlins’, Magic One.

Much Love~ One Love!


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