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“Songs- instrumental or lyrical; based on lust, love, hard times, heartache: with so much emotions that instill melancholic thoughts in every mind and heart it touches”. – TBP

The Mike Henderson Band Released January 2015

Mike Henderson, lead vocals, guitar & harmonica player.


If You Think It’s Hot Here album by Mike Henderson was released Jan 20, 2015 on the Ellersoul label. Renowned musician, singer and songwriter Mike Henderson has come full circle with his long awaited return to his rockin’ blues roots. As a thirty plus music industry veteran he has worn many hats, a Grammy nominated songwriter, slide guitarist, producer and now back as leader of the famous Mike Henderson Band.

Delta Deep Debut self entitled album. Released June 2015

Phil Collen, lead guitarist for Def Leppard, presents his new blues-based music project, Delta Deep featuring, Down In The Delta and Bang The Lid. Collen recorded the mix of original and hand-picked cover tracks with fellow Delta Deep bandmates Debbi Blackwell-Cook (back-up vocalist for such artists as Michael Buble & Luther Vandross), Forrest Robinson (drummer for India.Arie, Joe Sample & the Crusaders, TLC), and Robert DeLeo (bassist for Stone Temple Pilots). Their self-titled debut also features special guest appearances by Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott, Whitesnake’s David Coverdale, Sex Pistols/MANRAZE drummer Paul Cook, and GIRL/MANRAZE bassist, Simon Laffy. –

Davy Knowles - The Outsider - Released 2015

Just six years into his professional music career, Davy has an impressive record of accomplishments. He has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the industry, and he has shared the stage and the recording studio with some of his heroes.

Born and raised on the Isle of Man (a tiny country located between Ireland and England), Davy fell in love with music making at age 11 when, after hearing the Dire Straits’ classic “Sultans of Swing” on his father’s car stereo, he learned by ear to play it on his father’s guitar. Along with Mark Knopfler, John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, Peter Green, Eric Clapton/Cream and Rory Gallagher were early, significant influences, and they continue to color his playing and songwriting today.

After a relentless tour schedule for the better part of four years in support of his first two albums (“Roll Away” and “Coming Up For Air”), 2013 has allowed Davy to spend more time writing new music and playing select live shows, including a number of intimate, solo/acoustic dates.

Victor Wainwright and The Wildroots - Boom Town - Released 2015

Though his career began over a decade ago with genuine rock n’ roll honky-tonk, Wainwright has broadened his artistic scope over the years to include music representing virtually every corner of the blues.
His insatiable interest in music discovery, sheer love for entertaining and curiosity have led him all around the world, and the resulting perspective is a reflection of his passion for entertaining and creating progressive
roots music in an effort to move the artform forward.  Composer, producer, vocalist, entertainer and award wining piano player; Victor Wainwright is a raucous high-octane, dynamic performer and crowd pleaser with soul to spare.

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Victor Wainwright and The Wild Roots

Reno Jack The Bear - Lightening Fried - Released April 14, 2015

It’s been said Reno possesses a voice of barbed wire wrapped in velvet. He employs shades of Rock and Roll, Country and Western, Folk , Honky Tonk and Rhythm and Blues woven into his own style accompanied by dry witted lyrics in an effort to provoke thoughtful thought. Reno has produced the past few Sunday wilde albums and will be touring this summer and planning another recording this fall at a hunting and fishing lodge outside of Atikokan, Ontario.

In 2005 Reno met Sunday Wilde and the two formed a partnership that has remained to this day. Kindred spirits rooted in blues on her part and traditional country on his. Together they have become a team culminating in the formation of a record company named Hwy. 11 Records. Reno producing Sunday’s last two CDs {2012} He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown and {2014} He Digs Me as well as being the in house soundman for the Women in Blues International Live at Hopson’s Sessions on which she represented Canada.

The title track “Lightning Fried” is a quick blues rock tune narrating the horror that a tornado can wreak on land, with amazing chicken like harmonica.

This is certainly one to own if you are lovers of Reno Jack The Bear as TBP is!

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Big Dave McLean - Faded But Not Gone - Released March 17, 2015

“Best Choose To Pick The Blues”

The title of Big Dave McLean single from his album, Faded But Not Gone, fits each other to a tee!

Big Dave McLean is a multi-award-winning artist, including a Juno. Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with Juno-winning producer Steve Dawson at the production helm, the album features many of Dave’s new original songs, plus covers of classics by Tom Waits, Ray Lamontagne, and the Wood Brothers. Guests on the album include Colin James on mandolin & guitar, Kevin McKendree on keyboards (from Delbert McClinton and Brian Setzer’s bands) and the legendary McCrary Sisters on vocals. Regularly tours across Canada and internationally at clubs and festivals, performing over 100 shows every year.
Yes you’re completely right Big Dave!  You surely are not gone! As a matter of fact, this album proves you’re still giving us great blues as you’ve always done.  Keep up the great job!

Theodis Eaely - You And I, Together - Released 2013

Theodis Ealey is “The Man In Black,” “The Stand Up In It Man,” “The BluesMan Lover,” and on top of all of that, he’s just a great bluesman.

His project that’s ringing in everyone’s ears, shouting out you though the radio, and surely wowing crowds everywhere… You and I Together… “Theodis is back with such a powerful piece of work”. – Rojene Bailey of Blues Time In The City.

This album contains eleven hit songs, with over half being the artist’s original tunes. “YOU AND I, TOGETHER” is what many are calling Theodis’ most passionate album to date. The release of the album’s first single, “Theodis, What’s Up aka Shut The Puck Up”, is already getting airplay. The ‘Queen of Grown and Sexy, Lacee, performs two duets with Theodis, of which one is the title track, “You and I, Together”. Guest performances by Lebron Scott, Lenny Kravitz’s and Curtis Mayfield’s former bass player and Frank “Buzz” Amato, former keyboardist for Curtis Mayfield, only add to the magnitude of what is a great album by a great entertainer. “YOU AND I, TOGETHER”.There’s no doubt that what you loved about the ‘Bluesman Lover’ over the last four decades, you will love even more as proof with this album.

More: Theodis Ealey – You And I, Together, Tour Schedule and much More!

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - So Delicious - Released 2/17/15

Pot Roast Kisses! Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band does it again!

The song, as well as, the video, is just down right fun and energetic! What else should be expected from the lab of this team.

Lucky 13! TBP gives it a judges 10!

Check out the video here on TBP and tell us what you think.


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Fannie Lou Hamer - Songs My Mother Taught Me - Released June 30, 2015

The 20th child of a Mississippi sharecropper family and a commanding voice of the Civil Rights Movement, Fannie Lou Hamer (Townsend) (1917–1977) stood tall against the brutality, indignities, and intimidation of implacable racism. Hamer was an American voting rights activist, civil rights leader, and philanthropist. She was instrumental in organizing Mississippi‘s Freedom Summer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and later became the vice-chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which she represented at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.She harnessed her mother’s gifts of song and plain-spoken wisdom to steel her fellow seekers of social justice, the cause to which she gave her life. Songs My Mother Taught Me, a re-release of limited-edition 1963 field recordings, breathes new life into Fannie Lou Hamer’s inspiring legacy and her uncompromising call for a righteous world. 47 minutes, 32-page booklet with photos.

B.B. King - The Life of Riley - Released July 1, 2015

Narrated by Morgan Freeman and directed by Jon Brewer, this visually stunning documentary has an astounding list of contributors including Bono, Eric Clapton, Bruce Willis, Bonnie Raitt, Dr. John, Keith Richards, and Bill Wyman plus appearances by Mick Jagger and President Obama.

It has been called ‘the invaluable and definitive autobiography of the last great bluesman, B.B. King’ by The Observer, and Classic Rock Magazine says it’s ‘a seriously impressive tribute to the big B’s raw talent, iron determination and irresistible charm.’

Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is (The Allen Toussaint Session) - May 19, 2014

Aaron Neville is the third oldest of the four Neville Brothers. The brothers were catapulted to international stardom when they started recording together in 1977, but by this point Aaron had spent the last 17 years building up a substantial catalogue of quality soul and funk. Much of this had been recorded under Allen Toussiant’s guidance for Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn’s Sansu Enterprises.

The 25 tracks on this disc represent the best recordings he made for Sansu between 1969 and the formation of the Neville Brothers in 1977. The bonus tracks include tracks that were recorded around the same period and 3 newer versions of Neville classics.

The Robert Cray Band - In My Soul - Released April 1, 2014

This year marks four decades since the inception of the Robert Cray Band and with In My Soul, he is celebrating in style. He notes, with pride and with some amusement that he continues to see new, younger faces in his audience.

There’s a younger generation now whose parents turned them on to our music,’ he says. ‘It reminds me of when I was young and going to see Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, all the blues I could. It is kind of funny to be in the position of being the older generation now. But I’m just going to continue to do what we do. I can only do what I know, and we’ll see what happens.’

Eric Bibb - Me To You - Released March 4, 2014

Originally released in 1997, Eric Bibb’s Me To You album was seen as a major stepping stone in the New York born bluesters career. After many years of hard work releasing albums and a near constant touring schedule, Me To You finally and deservedly gave Bibb the recognition that he truly deserved.

For the release Bibb gathered together some of his personal heroes, including Pops and Mavis Staples, and Taj Mahal to contribute. The results proved to be one of Bibb’s most popular and best-selling albums. Long deleted, the album is now available once again with new artwork and packaging.

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