Big Cynthia

If you are one that loves the blues then the name Junior Walker is no stranger to your ears and if you are a fan of Southern Soul, Big Cynthia (Cynthia Walker) is a name you are surely familiar with. Big Cynthia has done what many artist dream to do, make it to the Big Times!

When fox premiered it’s night time drama, Empire, on January 7, 2015, they also opened a door for Southern Soul music to television. If you have been following the show that has everybody talking about “Cookie” (Taraji P. Henson)  and “Lucious” (Terrance Howard), Big Cynthia’s single, that made her popular in the Southern Soul/Blues circuit, “She Working That Nookie Thang“, video was blazing in the background on the huge big screen, as “Cookie was giving “Jamal” the old fashioned broom beat-down. “Hey, you that lady song playing on Empire when Cookie was beating Jamal with that broom“, she said about how her fans greet her today. The hit drama is about a father, who runs a successful music business, who is diagnosed with a neuro-degenerative disease and has to choose one of his three handsome sons, which by the way, one is homosexual, to take over EMPIRE when he dies. Oh yeah, and a lot of great music.

A recent Drug and Alcohol Counselor graduate, along with writing music for herself and other artist, on the road doing shows, working out logistics to have her latest single, “I’m Here For You Baby” from her new CD, Return Of The Female Mack, possibly premier in Season 2 of Empire, Big Cynthia pulled her tour bus over to The Back Porch and set down with Nickolicous to talk about it ALL!

Be sure to check out the video to Big Cynthia’s new single, “I’m Here For You Baby“, right here on The Back Porch!

So get your moonshine out, and take a seat on The Back Porch and listen to the great time Big Cynthia and Nikolicious had!

Much Love! One Love!


Big Cynthia and Nikolicious - One on One

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