On the 7th Day of Christmas our gift to you, Albert King!

TBPM is getting you closer to Christmas as our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown down continues with it’s 7th day rocker remembering Albert King and his unforgettable  Christmas songs, “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin” and “Christmas Comes But Once A Year” off the album Christmas In Soulsville – Stax Records

As a young child some of you can remember these songs being played all over the place at Christmas time. The Chitlin’ Circuit was booming and the parties were oh so remember able and Albert King was turning Blues audiences out with his electrifying guitar skills.

Did you know Albert King was a pioneer of electric blues? What’s even more astonishing is that he was a lefty playing a right-handed 1959 Gibson Flying V, which he often times played upside down, the bass strings unconventionally facing the floor. He even used his thumb to create an indecipherable secret method of tuning. A huge guy that was over six foot and weighed around 300 pounds, some would say the size of a linebacker.  But this linebacker became great at the art of playing a guitar.  He has even been named, one of 100 Greatest Guitar Players by Rolling Stone.

Join us as we remember the outstanding talents and sounds of a great legend, Albert King!

And yes, put these Christmas rockers on your playlist!

To become an enthusiast of Albert King just google him!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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