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The Back Porch Magazine recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with veteran Soul Blues Artist, Nathaniel Kimble. This Grammy Nominated singer is from a small Mississippi Delta town called, Benoit. Growing up in The Mississippi Delta, quite naturally, Nathaniel was raised in church and sang in the choir. It was there where ...
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You may remember him from childhood, as Terence Kimble, the young DJ who would entertain the crowds with his sultry voice during breaks at his high school gigs, showing off his mastery song writing skills; all the while wooing the ladies. Maybe you remember him from the group Under 21, who recorded as Profyle on ...
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Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears have always put us at The Back Porch Mag in the mind of James Brown and The Famous Flames. The horn section is off the chain! Now true Blues fans know exactly what we're talking about. Take "Sugarfoot" for instants, the breakdown in the middle and the one at ...
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Hey Soul Blues Lovers! You can't say that you know Soul Blues if you don't know J Red, a.k.a. J Red The Nephew.  This artist brings so much to the Soul Blues market. From producer, to engineer, to writer, to entertainer, J Red brings it all to us. He has served us a platter of ...
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If you are as true to Soul Blues as you say you are, then you have no doubt heard this rocking jam on the airwaves no matter where you live!  Uncle E and Black Zack have proven to be a master duo team with this one baby, un-huh!  If for some crazy reason you have ...
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Just six years into his professional music career, Davy has an impressive record of accomplishments. He has been endorsed by some of the biggest names in the industry, and he has shared the stage and the recording studio with some of his heroes. Born and raised on the Isle of Man (a tiny country located …

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