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Our Rocking gift to you On The 1st Day Of Christmas! TBPM 12 Days of Christmas Countdown kicks off Day 1 with "The Duchess" Jureesa McBride. Her single, "Party On Santa's Sleigh", This song is surely one to have on the Christmas playlist if you want to have a rocking great time. It's a song ...
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If you are one that loves the blues then the name Junior Walker is no stranger to your ears and if you are a fan of Southern Soul, Big Cynthia (Cynthia Walker) is a name you are surely familiar with. Big Cynthia has done what many artist dream to do, make it to the Big ...
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Falisa Janaye Fans (FaLisa JaNaye') This lady has so much joy in her that you can’t help but to feel it every time she opens her mouth. It was much more than an interview that was shared between her and TBP, it was an outta body experience. Being grounded in God, she sends chills to ...
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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with AVAIL HOLLYWOOD Album: Rehab TBD:      Well welcome to The Back Porch thanks for stopping by. Why don’t you take you a seat in one of these rocking chairs. WE got a whole troth of chitterlings and all the moonshine you want. Just step over lazy dog over there moaning, he laying on ...
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The beautiful and talented Annika Chambers hails from Houston, Texas. As a child, she always wanted to sing, but her dreams of enlisting in the Army and attaining a degree in radio and TV broadcasting took her on a slight detour. Since completing her 7 1/2 year term with the US Army, Annika Chambers has ...
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