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Falisa Janaye Fans (FaLisa JaNaye’)

This lady has so much joy in her that you can’t help but to feel it every time she opens her mouth. It was much more than an interview that was shared between her and TBP, it was an outta body experience. Being grounded in God, she sends chills to the core of your soul when she describes how her career has taken off. Check Ms. FaLisa JaNayè out for yourself.

TBP: Rumor has it that you’re doing this with No managers, No production company, Nobody but you.

FJ: (She lets out a Michael Jackson scream ) No Mam! Webber Entertainment doesn’t owe NOBODY! You are absolutely right on that rumor. But guess what, I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. This is my job, this is my bread and butter. God has just been blessing me on top of blessings!   I want my voice heard so the next young lady out there can hear me and know she can still go to school, be a mommy, be a wife, be a single parent, hold it down, and still do what she gotta do.

TBP: Tell us about your blessing landing a feature video with Jet Magazine?

FJ: Now wow, you giving me chills Nik.  I’m getting teary eyed. I was in Chicago with a friend shooting a video. I guess it was just being in the right place at the right time. The driver was taking me back to the hotel when I noticed Johnson Publishing Company name in lights. I asked him, “Is that THE Johnson’s Publishing company”, and he said, “you know you’re at the hotel right next door to it”. The next day before check out, I went over there with a CD in my hand and a business card, that’s all I had. As far as I got was the security guard, his name was Willie. He was so sweet. He tried to call and get somebody but he couldn’t . I left my business card and that CD with him and about three weeks later I got the call asking how we could be a benefit to each other and we went from there.  A few weeks later my video was up as a feature on their site and I screamed, yell, and jumped for joy! I am the very first Southern Soul female artist to be featured on their website. I am the very first Southern Soul artist to be featured ever in Signature J Magazine. I am the very first Southern Soul artist to do what I do.

TBP: So tell us what you’re working on Ms. First Lady.

FJ: Promoting my single “Can You Stand Up In It”, as well as, working on my Christmas Project.  Soon we’ll be shooting a new music video for my single, “Can You Stand Up In It” and “Why” from my latest CD.  I’m working with AJ from my band. He’s getting ready to release his first solo project. So I guess you can say, right now I have a full plate. Oh yeah, I’m also working on a single with my very dear and talented friend, the Southern Soul Rapper, Black Zack.

TBP: Have you been busy on the road doing shows?

FJ: Not like I would normally be.  My grandmother passed a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been taking it slow. I’ve been doing more hosting than performing lately.

TBP:  We are so sorry to hear of your grandmother passing.  You are such an incredible entertainer, is there anybody, celebrities or entertainers, you’d like to meet?

FJ:  Mary J. Blige, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey.

TBP: I think Oprah would be really excited meeting you. You are doing what she wishes we all would do.  Live The Life You Want.

Grab a copy of her CD’s…”Sweet Love” and “Back To Love” you will surely enjoy both!

To learn more and to keep abreast with Falisa JaNaye’ visit:   www.falisaj.com

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