Janiva Magness

In 2009 this lady-sings-the blues phenomena won The Blues Foundation B.B. King Entertainer of the Year award. The only other female artist to receive this award is the legendary  Koko Taylor. Who is it we’re speaking of you ask?  None other than the Janiva Magness!


2013, Magness was nominated in five categories for more Blues Music Awards (BMA).  All under Alligator Records Label.

In 2014, Magness left Alligator Records re-launching her own label, Fathead Records, and released her first all original song album entitled, “Original”.  Rumor has it her reasoning for leaving the well established longtime relationship with the label as put in her words, “I’ve had an entire career up to this point of being an interpreter of other people’s songs. And I’ve been fine with that. But it became necessary to change that thinking. This record is titled Original because its eleven original tracks. I’m co-writer on seven of the eleven tracks.” I guess one could say that was a great move because the album earned her the Song of the Year award.

If all that wasn’t enough for the ever blossoming seven-time music award winner, who has 12 albums on her discography, Bam!

2017 she gets to add a Grammy Nomination for Best contemporary Blues Album to her list of greatness!

Janiva Magness has seven Blues Music Awards under her belt, a whopping 26 similar nominations. It has been said that Magness is truly ‘a blues star’.


Check out her single, “When You Hold Me” from her latest album release, “Love Wins Again“.

Hats Off to you Janiva Magness!

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